What we offer


We think that everyone deserves to have a usable Web - we can work with your team to make your existing products accessible and establish best practices for long term compliance with the current and upcoming WCAG standards.

Take a look at the contrast tools we built to help you prepare for WCAG 3.0.

Design systems

Design systems can enable your team to deliver valuable, cohesive products faster. Scale and strengthen your brand experience with reusable components, design assets, and effective documentation.

Here's the design system we use for this site and for other tools that we've built.


We can work alongside your existing frontend dev team or independently to improve existing projects or to build something new to meet your needs. Regardless of scope, we will deliver high-quality, accessible, and thoroughly-tested software.

Design and research

We use a human-centered design and research process to provide insight about your users, clarify the problem you're solving, and iterate rapidly toward a valuable solution. From exploratory interviews and journey maps to usability testing with interactive prototypes, we tailor our approach to your project’s unique needs.

Who we are

Protean Studio is a two-person team that aims to take on meaningful and interesting problems. We realize that this is a nebulous goal and that is intentional - the wide berth allows us to work with great organizations that we may otherwise miss. Right now, this means seeking ways to build a more accessible internet and aiding organizations that work to dismantle oppressive systems and empower marginalized people.

Abdul Hamid
Abdul Hamid (he/him)

Abdul spends most of his time in the frontend development space. He has worked with a variety of technologies including web components, micro-frontends, and most of the popular JavaScript frameworks to build accessible and consistent software.

Josh Teal
Josh Teal (he/him)

Josh has been a UX designer and researcher for over 10 years. He believes that truly great experiences come from a deep understanding of the people impacted by them, and that solving a real problem for people is the cornerstone of any valuable product.

Contact us

Let us know how we can help. Reach out at contact@protean.studio.